ManufacDirect Inc.


ManufacDirect Inc. is well-known for it's quality products, good service and innovative designs in the plastic bags industry. It was established since 2003. MDI now has 4 manufacturing sites in China and the largest manufacture which has 350,000 square feet in Houston, TX USA. MDI makes all kinds of plastic bags, such as t-shirt bags, poly bags, can linners, side-sealed bags, die cut bags, top-wave bags, draw-tape bags and soft loop bags. MDI customers are all over the world including USA, Canada, Japan, Australia, New Zealand etc.. MDI has qualified as a supplier for shopping bags by many world-wide chain stores such as Wall-mart, Target, Dollar Tree, Subway, Dollar General, HEB etc.. MDI is leading the plastic bag industry in the world. We are looking forward to working with MDI existing and potential customers and business partners in the world. MDI goals to customers are best quality, best price, best service and delivery on time.

Call MDI today, asking for quotation and let MDI make your plastic bags. MDI promises you will like it in every way.